How Much Do You Know About Herpes Simplex Virus?

free herpes dating sitesBefore you start dating, if you are one of these herpes singles, you need to know about oral herpes and genital herpes. HSV-1 is a more common virus that usually causes herpes or blisters in the mouth. HSV-1 is spread through skin-to-skin contact. So when you have oral sex with your partner, the herpes virus is transmitted to your genitals throughout the process. Therefore, HSV-1 may also cause genital herpes. But compared with HSV-2 virus infection, the patient's condition is not easy to relapse.

There is another virus to understand here. HSV-2 is a virus that causes herpes to develop on the genitals. You can only get HSV-2 genital herpes when you have intimate sex with your partner. Sometimes the virus is also spread through the skin. HSV-2 is highly contagious, sexual transmission is a potential trigger for herpes type 2 infection. Therefore, in the face of this highly contagious virus, we need to take protective measures.

Some people have a lot of sexual partners in their lives, they like threesome dating or one-night stand, this kind of active sex life is likely to make you infected with herpes. When you notice that you are starting to develop blisters and genital sores, you need to pay special attention. Because exposed sex can expose your partner to the herpes virus. whether you start showing up, you should let your partner know of any symptoms. This is a responsible behavior. During intercourse, intense friction can further irritate the skin and spread it to your partner. Although intercourse friction can aggravate herpes rupture and make you feel more painful. But it doesn't happen every time, and safe sex is possible when you're prepared. Don't be nervous when you have multiple sexual partners. Just take precautions every time. Once you have genital pain or blisters, sexual transmission increases the likelihood of contracting the herpes virus.

For women's pregnancy problems, you need to be more vigilant at all times. Because women are more likely to get genital herpes than men. In many cases, the virus carried by men is very likely to be transmitted to women. Many women may become infected with HSV at a young age when they try sex or kinky BDSM behaviors for the first time. They don't know they have the disease until they go to the hospital and get tested. People will not realize the seriousness of the problem until one day the disease breaks out.

If a mother has genital herpes, they can give birth to a healthy baby, but they are more likely to pass the virus on to the newborn. Since newborns have poor body resistance, their condition will worsen due to the virus they carry.

At present, the factors that cause oral herpes outbreaks are not well understood. But people with weakened immune systems tend to be more prone to outbreaks than healthy people with the best immunity. Doctors aren't sure about your lifestyle, so they can't tell exactly how you got herpes. You may be hiding something, so you must talk to your healthcare provider if you know what might be causing your herpes outbreak.